Why Customers are Shifting from Magento to Shopify?

Why Customers are Shifting from Magento to Shopify?

It is a competitive world. For businesses it is not difficult to capture a new customer rather it is very hard to retain their current customers. If businesses fail to do so, their competitors take full advantage of this opportunity. Well, if we talk about ecommerce platforms, which provide businesses a portal to capture the online market, they too have also become very competitive. Two of the major competitors in ecommerce platform providers are Shopify and Magento.

They both are popular for their good services but one has out performed the other. Recently, there are a lot of customers who have moved from using Magento to Shopify. This trend took place because a lot of Magento users became dissatisfied from the services.

Here we have some reasons that led them to shift from Magento to Shopify.

Most of the users who were not very sound of the technical knowledge of developing a website could not use the website with ease. They had to invest a lot of their time in learning how to use it and everyone could not spare that much time. The ecommerce platform users are not willing to put their time in learning developing skills because they think their time could be better used in focusing on sales and promotion techniques.

Customers thought that they were spending too much. One of the Magento’s flaw is that it does not provide a host for the website. The customers have to pay for those services because they have to keep their website live all the time and this only adds on to their bills. A more costly service means shrink in the profits. And no business wants that to happen.

The users of Magento also face problems in setting up their websites. This is mainly because Magento has a little more complex set up system and therefore it is time consuming as well. Some of the former users of magento, after shifting to Shopify, also held the opinion that Shopify had a better admin interface. They also said that Shopify provided with better looking templates than Magento. Shopify had modern and professional looking templates, and that too in it’s free template collection.

Overall, most of the customers who were not very pleased of Magento’s services held the opinion that they made a wise decision by switching to Shopify. Some of the customers wished to have known about Shopify’s easy-to-use services earlier.

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