What are Magento’s Greatest Strengths over Shopify plus?

What are Magento’s Greatest Strengths over Shopify plus?

Still being undecided about your favorite ecommerce platform?

You must have heard about top ecommerce platforms available in market – Shopify plus and Magento Enterprise. You, as a retailer, want your ecommerce site as the best. For this, you might be looking at various Shopify Plus Vs Magneto Enterprise (Reviews) and testimonials. Similarly, what services they are delivering to merchants, and at what cost. But then, you also see your business niche and its requirements. Now what? You get stuck. You can’t decide which one to choose. Is Shopify Plus a better option? How is Magento superior to Shopify?

Well, hang on! We are here to help you decide better. Let’s dive a bit deeper and look into strengths that Magento Enterprise offers to their merchants.

Magento is SEO friendly

Your Ecommerce site is not just about a tool to enhance conversions. It’s more about being found by people. And let us tell you that Magento is super SEO friendly. Whatever Google requires an ecommerce store to supplement with, including tags, descriptions, Meta descriptions, URLs, all components are there.

Magento offers Creativity

For some businesses, it is important to pick a platform that can bring creativity to their ecommerce sites. For this purpose, Magento is an ideal stop. It enables retailers to create a look that’s not the usual. In fact, it helps their brand standout from the rest. Whether your venture is about fashion, lifestyle products, or luxury items, clearly Magento is your best partner.

Magento offers Portability

For those who are unaware, Magento is an open source platform. Means it is free to use and you know the code of your site. However, Magento Enterprise is a licensed version.

Magento is User-Friendly

Nowadays, it is must for any ecommerce software to be user-friendly. This is the feature that most of the retailers will consider when they compare Shopify VS Magneto. Magento 2 comes with a very intuitive interface. With earlier Magento version, users had some issues which they have resolved now. And, this should result in a more mature, user-friendly, and problem-free platform for retailers.

Magento’s Other Capabilities

Furthermore, Magento also supports multiple payment gateways, multiple currencies, and multiple languages. This is quite a benefit for large retailers who want to sell their products globally. Or, even if they want to open more than one brand. Platform can handle multiple fascias.

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